Who amongst all witches and wizards can brew the greatest magic potion? Gather ye magic beans, enchanted apples and cursed pumpkins and get a-brewin’!

Alas, the garden is a mess. How can you gather the ingredients needed when there is a Troll in the garden eating all your little caretaker Gnomes? And where is that Elf you hired to watch over the garden? *Scared off by the nasty smell of the unwashed gnomes … *

Join us for a thrilling and fast-paced game of magical gardening with the help of Gnomes, Elves and Trolls. Plant your beans, apples and pumpkins and get your garden growing. Send your Gnomes to ‘fertilize’ the crops, or bring in the Elves and Trolls to get ahead.

“Easy to play, but hard to master,” they say, but you will show them, who wins the shiny crystal ball at the Enchanted Produce and Magic Potions Fair!

Gnome, Elf, Troll is a fast game. Once you know the rules it can be played in approximately 15 - 20 minutes. It’s the perfect game if you are waiting for someone to arrive or just need a “filler” game. But watch out, it’s addicting, there is always time for another game



In Concerning the Conquest of the Holy Land, you take command as the grand master of one of the holy orders as they explore, conquer and pillage the Holy Land. Recruit further masters to control the holy cities, employ crusaders to construct fortresses and ensure the safe journey of pilgrims as they bring wealth and prestige to your order. However, Saladin and the Saracens are lurking beyond the dunes to defend the land and only a true commander of Christ can bring faith to the heathens and treasures back to Europe.

The game enables the players to apply multiple strategies when competing against friends and family. One may recruit a mighty army while another set forth to discover the relics of ancient times. He who manages his masters most skillfully, while controlling most aspects of the game, will stand victorious.