The “Not The Box” Story

Not The Box was founded by a group of friends with a great love of both boardgames and role playing games who decided not only to play games but also create games. The journey started in 2010, Not The Box premiered at Essen - The World’s largest boardgame convention - with the first prototype, which was a crusader themed boardgame of strategy and exploration.The visit was both a success, and an eyeopener. Not The Box met with a lot of the biggest publishers, and many took interest to the game. But returning from Essen with a big list of tasks and team members parting ways, the project lost its breath.

It wasn’t until 2018 that Not The Box returned to the scene. This time to participate in a “tiny game” design competition at Viking-con - Denmark’s largest convention for boardgames and roleplay. The jury chose Gnome, Elf, Troll as the winner, and offered to help financially with the release. Senior reviewer of the competition, Hans Peter Hartsteeen, said this:

“The game is fun and fast paced, with simple rules and a witty narrative. The elegant rock-paper-scissors game engine is easy to learn, at new strategies keep occurring, as players continuously try to counter each other. … I was happy to to award this game the first price. I can highly recommended it.”

Since then it's been hard work creating artwork, setting up production and preparing the 2020 kickstarter.

The goal of Not the Box is not necessarily to be a staggering financial success. There are so many good ideas, which are never brought to life. Our greatest ambition for the moment is - to create a great game and present it to players all around the world.